Top American Snacks Ranked Worst to Best


Cheetos are another classic, but they rank higher because no other brand makes cheesy snacks like Cheetos.


They had to arrive soon, right? After all, Oreos are famous boxed cookies. These famous cookies include a sweet cream between two chocolate biscuits. 


Salty, crispy, and tasty chips—what more could you want? Fritos give you that. These chips aren't for everyone, but we love them.

Trail mix

Trail mix's high ranking may be surprising. Trail mix isn't as popular as other snacks, but we enjoy that it's nutritious.


Many manufacturers make delicious tortilla chips. Tostitos are the undisputed king of American snacks. It's reasonable.


Goldfish crackers may look ordinary at first glance. They're little cheese crackers with a pinch of salt.

Almond Joy

Candy bars are often awful. Almond Joy isn't. This snack has coconut, almonds, and a milk chocolate covering.

Chex Mix

We think Chex Mix is the finest snack in the world, not just the U.S. Because it's many snacks.


Reese's: Candy Bar King. Knowers know. It's the saltiest, tastiest peanut butter in a paper cup with a surprisingly thin covering of milk chocolate.


You know we like Ruffles and Lay's. They're great potato chips, but we've always felt something was lacking. Kettle chips changed that.

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