Chemically changed unsaturated lipids are trans fats. They cause inflammation, insulin resistance, belly fat, and heart disease.

Trans fats

White bread, pasta, and rice have few fibres but many carbs. This can raise blood sugar. High-fiber, whole foods may lower blood sugar response.

Rice & Pasta

Low-fat, high-sugar fruit-flavored yoghurts can raise blood sugar and insulin levels. Plain, whole milk yoghurt is excellent for diabetes and health.

Fruit-flavored yogurt

Flavored coffee drinks are heavy in liquid carbs, which can elevate blood sugar and hunger.

Flavored coffee drinks

Honey, agave nectar, and maple syrup may have similar effects on blood sugar, insulin, and inflammatory indicators as white table sugar.


Dried fruits have more sugar and carbohydrates than fresh fruits. Choose low-sugar fruits to regulate blood sugar.

 Dried fruit

Highly processed packaged snacks produced with refined flour can quickly elevate blood sugar.

Packaged snack 

French fries are fried in harmful oils that may induce inflammation and increase heart disease risk.

French fries

Cereals are high in carbs but poor in protein. Diabetes and hunger management require a high-protein, low-carb breakfast.

Sugary cereals

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